Change the default error search in Visual Studio 2015 from Bing to Google

I like the new Code column in Visual Studio 2015’s Error List, but I don’t like using Bing.


 Set up an IIS Site

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a setting to change it, so here is my workaround.

Create a new site in IIS called BingDev, and map it to a new empty folder as follows

BingDev IIS settings

In your new IIS site, add a virtual directory called BingUrl.svc as follows:

BingURL IIS Settings


Configure the URL Rewrite Module

Make sure you have the IIS URL Rewrite Module installed

Go into your new virtual directory, go to the URL Rewrite option and add a blank rule.

Call it Rewrite to Google

For the Match URL Pattern, set the pattern to .*

Under conditions add a condition that looks like this:

Url Condition

Scroll down and under action set the Action type to Redirect

Change the Redirect URL to:{C:1}

Update your hosts file

Finally set up a hosts entry to map to

Hosts Entry

You should now be able to click on the codes and get redirected to Google instead of Bing!

  • Marcus Johnson

    Although I came here hoping for a setting or something, this is a pretty cool solution! I love how determined you were to not use Bing! I’d rather revert to just typing error codes into chrome though than go through this trouble though.

  • kiasyn

    Thanks 🙂 haha